Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst announced in 2018 that she will be retiring from professional poker and concentrating on a hedge fund career. This means she will no longer be a member of the PokerStars Team Pros.

About Vanessa Selbst

After playing poker professionally for the past 12 years, she has decided to end her career after a rewarding experience. According to her, it had been an intellectually challenging time but it was also quite fun. She got to travel a lot and bonded with a lot of friends over the years.

However, Selbst mentioned that poker started to feel like work and that probably contributed to her decision to quit being a professional player. She also mentioned how the traveling had started to take its toll on her. Now, she just wants to concentrate on her new career while continuing to play poker but only as a hobby this time.

Born on July 9, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York, Vanessa Selbst came from a Jewish family. She went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for one year before she transferred to Yale University. She graduated with a political science degree. After graduating, she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship that got her to spend a year in Spain. When she returned to the United States, she worked with McKinsey & Company. Later on, she went back to school to get her law degree at Yale Law School. She also served as the coach and the executive producer for an online poker training site called DeucesCracked.

About her Poker wins

As a poker player, Vanessa Selbst is known to be quite aggressive. This led to her winning $11.8 million with 3 bracelets over the span of her career. The bracelets were won on separate World Series of Poker occasions – 2008, 2012, and 2014. She is currently the only woman to have ever reached the top rank in the Global Poker Index.

During every poker tournament, she goes by the username “V. Selbst” and is a proud member Team Pokerstars Pro. Among her achievements include being the only woman to win 3 WSOP bracelets. If that is not impressive enough, she is the only poker player to win the North American Poker Tour Main Event back-to-back. Selbst also won the PCA high roller – a whopping $1.4 million. This made her the highest earning poker player – at least for females.

Vanessa Selbst joined 21 live poker tournaments and it usually has 6-figure paydays – or more. This is a huge thing for any poker player and that places her among the greatest in the world.