Phil Hellmuth – The Prince of Poker

inter5Phillip Jerome Hellmuth Jr., is known as one of the best ever professional poker players in the history of the game. Born in Wisconsin on July 16th, 1964 as the eldest of the five children of Phil and Lynn Hellmuth, Phil junior dropped out of university to pursue poker full time. And he has never looked back.

Hellmuth’s Career Graph

Phillip Hellmuth became the youngest poker player, at the age of twenty-four, to defeat a legend in his own right, Johnny Chan, as he registered a win at the main event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Little did the poker world know that it was just the beginning of greater things yet to come. In the year 1993, Hellmuth outdid himself by winning three bracelets in three consecutive days in the WSOP event, becoming only the second player to do so. Hellmuth earned his fifth bracelet in the WSOP event for 1997, his tenth bracelet in the same event in 2006, and his eleventh one in 2007’s WSOP event. Hellmuth earned his twelfth and thirteenth WSOP bracelets in the year 2012, giving him the unique distinction of a player who has earned multiple bracelets in three different years. Hellmuth’s fourteenth WSOP bracelet materialised in the year 2015, setting an unbeatable record.

Achievements Galore:

  • inter6Member of the WSOP’s Poker Hall of Fame
  • As of the year 2016 the live total poker tournament earnings of Phil Hellmuth are estimated at a whopping US$19,300,000
  • Ranked at #119 in the Global Poker Index in October 2015
  • Hellmuth holds the record for appearing in the most number of WSOP matches (108) and the record for the most final table appearances (52)
  • Ranks fourth in WSOP Money List as of 2015
  • Hellmuth has won 12 WSOP bracelets out of the 14 from Texas Hold’em events
  • Won the Player of the Year, NBC Heads Up tournaments and the European Poker Championships

Temperamental Player

Phil Hellmuth’s temper is as famous as his wins. It is his practice to occupy his seat very late into the game, and has also had many brushes with the media. He’s received a lot of flak in regards to his behaviour towards other fellow professional players, and his temperament earned him the nickname “Poker Brat”.

Other Activities

Phil Hellmuth runs an apparel company known by his nickname Poker Brat. He is into publishing, real estate and casino gaming. He has been a regular columnist for an international newspaper for the past 15 years, and he has appeared on television shows on NBC, CBS, FOX, and ESPN as a player and commentator. Phil is also involved in making instructional videos that detail the nuances of the game of poker.


inter7Hellmuth makes sure that he gives back to society by being a regular at charity poker events and other fundraising occasions. Phil is also an active supporter of the Heifer International, which helps villages in developing and underdeveloped countries. Phil Hellmuth also extends his support to aging poker players and amateur poker players.

Hellmuth is no doubt one of the greatest living legends in the game of poker. His contemporary peers have voted him as the “Best No-Limit Hold’em tournament player in the world”. There is no better evidence than this to demonstrate that he has earned the respect of his fellow professionals, despite his frequent temper tantrums and public rants. We can well conclude that he has achieved what he always wanted to achieve – being the greatest poker player of all time.