Isildur1 – How Viktor Blom Rose To Conquer the International Online Poker Scene

inter10Viktor Blom, the man hiding behind the screen name Isildur1, was the most discussed, appraised and entertaining high-stakes online poker player in 2009 after taking part in ten of the largest pots in online poker history. Young, fearless and talented, his aggressive approach and love for the game has netted him millions – and vice versa – it has lost him millions as well. Currently ruling the poker world at Full Tilt Poker, the epic Swede is undoubtedly one of the best poker players of our time.

A Raw Talent

Viktor’s natural talent for poker was uncovered at the age of 14 when he was first introduced to no-limit Texas hold’em heads-up by his older brother. After practicing with his brother, Viktor taught the game to some of his friends and started a small-scale winning streak. At the age of 15, Viktor created the screen name ‘blom90’ after winning $300 in an MTT game at an online poker site with his brother.

inter11Excited and intoxicated about winning, Viktor continued to play $530 games at various sites which ended up granting him a total of $275,000 after playing for only a few months. However, Viktor’s bankroll was already then subject to continuous downswings and rushes as he continued to gamble his winnings on high buy-in cash games as well as “sit-n-gos”. After losing a bankroll of $50,000, Viktor took a short break from poker. He returned strong to the game at the age of 17, and his $2,500 deposit on PartyPoker netted him an astonishing $200,000 in only two days, and his ultimate two-week winning streak on iPoker boosted his bank account to $1.7 million. A legend was born.

Gaining And Losing Millions Playing High Stakes Against Professionals

After making three to four million dollars across several different European online poker sites, Viktor first appeared on Full Tilt Poker in September 2009 under the screen name Isildur1. His name started gaining notice as he started playing some really high stakes of $500/$1,000 against world-famous poker professionals such as Brian Hastings, Tom Dawn, Patrik Antonius, Brian Townsend and Phil Ivey.

inter12Categorized as an aggressive player by online poker monitors, Viktor repeatedly challenged the best players in poker gaining and losing millions in weeks. In November the same year, Viktor challenged Antonius to a rematch after winning around $4 million from Dawn and netted $1.6 million the following day. This took his Full Tilt Poker earnings up to $6 million. Viktor continued to play risky and made the list of the largest gain and loss in one day in the history of online poker. This happened in December 2009 after losing $4.2 million to Hastings in only five hours. However, it was revealed that Cole South, Townsend, and Hastings had collaborated by sharing and compiling player information about Isildur1 which led to his fall.

Disappointed about Hasting’s unfair play, Viktor left Full Tilt Poker for several months and partnered up with PokerStars in December 2010 after revealing his true identity. Since then, he has been placing focus on live tournaments and has proved his place as a great tournament player winning the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January 2012 for an admirable $1,254,400. Blom left PokerStars in August 2012. In October the same year, he was signed by Full Tilt Poker, where he continued to collect and destroy his millions.

Despite Viktor’s risky take on poker, he is a true poker multi-millionaire who has made his earnings by playing against the best. He deserves his place as one of the best online poker players in history, and the world waits to hear from his winning hands. In 2015, Viktor’s poker tournament winnings totalled over $1.7 million.